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Three Ways to Use Cold Room Panels in Wetherill Park, Kemps Creek, or Parramatta to Improve Your Business in Sydney


After a long and hot day, what could be more refreshing than a perfectly chilled beer? That exact thought crosses many minds every day, and it’s why offering visiting customers pre-chilled drinks can help to generate more business. Picture this, though: rather than just reaching into a cold case and grabbing a can or bottle, your customers walk into an actual cold room dedicated solely to housing your beer selection. Not just a “cool” way to impress upon your customers the extent of your selection, it’s also a very efficient way to keep the product cold.

A cool “beer showroom” is just one way to use cold room panels in Sydney to enhance your business. In fact, there are many more. At New Wave Panelling, we’ve been supplying and installing these panels for over thirty years. We’ve seen our fair share of interesting and innovative uses. However, they also provide excellent basic functionality. Let’s look at three other ways to upgrade your premises with cold room panels in Parramatta. Once you start thinking of the possibilities, we believe you’ll quickly recognise the value of installing insulated panelling. We’re ready to put use our experience and passion deliver you a cold room of superior build quality.

The many uses for cold room panels in Sydney

  1. Boost energy efficiency and create comfortable working spaces. Cooling the same space over and over uses a lot of electricity. Through insulated panelling, rooms warm up much more slowly. Good thermal insulation allows you to create an interior workspace that’s more comfortable than before — even if you don’t necessarily need a full cold room.
  2. Create a room for safely handling raw foods. When butchering carcases, it’s important to prevent the growth of bacteria in the fresh meat. Performing the work in a climate-controlled environment lined with insulation is one way to do that. To provide quality workspaces, we manufacture cold room panels in our Kemps Creek factory before installation.
  3. Install or expand cold storage and freezer space for food service. This traditional use for a fully chilled room is easily within your reach through our services. We have completed many similar jobs, including those for highly renowned clients. Our team uses this hands-on knowledge to build better rooms for clients like you.

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With so many ways to use cold room panels in Wetherill Park, all that’s left is to choose the application ideal for your location. When you’re ready to move forward, contact the staff at New Wave Panelling to us know how we can help you. From your initial point of contact with us through to the final touches on construction, you will experience an attentive and passionate service. The quality of the final build will impress you, too! To take the next steps towards panel installation, ring us on 0418 446 225 or visit our contact page now.