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Choose New Wave Panelling in Sydney When You Need Cold Room Repairs in Kemps Creek, Wetherill Park, or Parramatta


In businesses and restaurants across Australia, the cold room plays a vital role in both convenience and food safety. Used primarily to store prepared foods or beverages, small cool spaces provide a quick and easy way for customers to grab items on their way to pay. In larger contexts, they allow establishments to hold large amounts of perishable food at the safest temperature possible for extended periods of time. In this function, they’re critical to a restaurant’s success. When your walk-in refrigerator or a smaller-sized cooler starts experiencing problems, it’s time to call for cold room repairs in Sydney as soon as possible.

At New Wave Panelling, we’re available and ready to leap into action to deliver the repairs your cool room requires. With 33 years of experience and counting, we have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon when diagnosing the problem and suggesting the best course of corrective action. When a walk-in breaks down, we understand that it can be a very stressful moment for you and your business. As a result, we work hard to respond quickly to every request we receive for cold room repairs in Wetherill Park. Providing you with reliable service and an efficient effort aimed at finding a fix is our goal on every visit. Why are these repairs so important, though?

The importance of cold room repairs in Kemps Creek

There are two key reasons always to seek timely repairs: food safety and energy consumption. If you use the rooms to store food, then it must be able to hold them at safe temperatures laid out in various standards. Otherwise, the risk for contamination by bacterial growth increases hugely. Fixing any problems within the cold room right away will allow you to return to safely storing food without the need to throw anything away.

In other cases, you may need cold room repairs in Kemps Creek because of inefficiency. Is the room unable to consistently hold its temperature without a large amount of additional climate control? Energy loss could be the source of an enormous financial drain on your business through increased utility bills. Improving the efficiency of the room and conducting repairs on elements can bring this problem back under control.

Let us know about your problems ASAP

With the importance of effective repairs in mind, it should be easy to understand the need to act as soon as possible. At New Wave Panelling, we don’t just offer cold room repairs to Parramatta businesses; we promise exceptional service along the way, too. Whenever you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to bring them to us for a rapid response. At the first sign of trouble with your cold room, reach for the phone to call us on 0418 446 225. We’ll work to schedule repairs at your location for the next available opportunity. Relax — we’ll have the temperature back to where it should be in no time.