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What Is Sandwich Panelling and What Does It Mean for Your Commercial Cool Room in Sydney, Parramatta, Wetherill Park, or Kemps Creek


If you are thinking about buying or building a new commercial cold room for your Sydney or Wetherill Park business, you will probably come across the term ‘sandwich panelling’ at some point in the process. Let’s look at what sandwich panelling entails and why it is such an important factor to keep in mind for any cool room design.

At New Wave Panelling, we can answer those questions because sandwich panelling is where we first found success. In 1991, we founded our business, constructing commercial cool rooms and freezers for businesses in the Sydney area. We built all our cold rooms with sandwich panelling, which is known for its top-tier thermal properties. To this day, the thermal properties of a sandwich panel make it a go-to material for cold room design and construction.

About Sandwich Panelling and How It Is Constructed

A sandwich panel, as you might expect, is a piece of panelling with three layers. Every sandwich layer has two ‘skin’ layers. The skins, in most cases, are thin sheets of steel or aluminium. We position these sheets on either side of a lightweight insulating core which has been specially formulated to provide exceptional thermal isolating properties.

Though incredibly simple in design, sandwich panelling delivers multiple benefits that make it ideal for your commercial cool room in Kemps Creek or Parramatta. First off, the three-layer system—particularly the insulation core—makes sandwich panelling an excellent option for cold storage designs.

Sandwich panel doors and walls can be manufactured in a range of different thicknesses, but are relatively lightweight because the lightweight core material is doing most of the insulation work. However, thanks to the metal skins or sheets, sandwich panels are also rigid enough to provide strength and structural stability. This balance—between sturdiness and low weight—is the other major benefit of sandwich panelling and the reason that we use it in cold room designs. The same properties make sandwich panels a go-to component in aircraft designs.

Get a Commercial Cool Room You Can Trust in Wetherill Park or Sydney—Complete with Sandwich Panelling

If you are looking to build a new commercial cool room for your Parramatta or Kemps Creek business, don’t bet against sandwich panelling. Its unbeatable thermal properties, paired with its low weight and high durability, makes it an ideal choice for refrigeration or freezer rooms. After 25 years in business and more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we still haven’t found anything better.

At New Wave Panelling, we can help you design and build an efficient cold room solution. A one-year warranty guarantees all our work, whether you use us for the entire cold room design or just the door. To get started on your commercial cool room project in Wetherill Park, Parramatta, Kemps Creek or anywhere in the Sydney area, give us a call on 0418 446 225.