Why Experience Matters During a Cool Room Installation Anywhere in Sydney, whether in Parramatta, Kemps Creek, or Wetherill Park

Have you recently arrived at the conclusion that you need a cool room installed at your business? Whether small or large, a highly-insulated room is an efficient way to store items at a specific temperature or create a temperature-controlled workspace. Making the decision to seek out a cool room installation for your Parramatta business is just the first step, though. Who will you partner with to create the room you need? At New Wave Panelling, we believe we are uniquely positioned to provide Sydney with superior service and cold rooms of excellent quality. Why should you choose our team, though?

Operated by our family for 30-plus years, New Wave Panelling has worked on an immense number of incredibly varied projects. From small reach-in coolers to huge walk-in freezers and cool rooms for butchery, we’ve done it all. Do you only have a basic idea of what you need from a cool room? No worries: simply let us know during our initial conversation. We will be happy to provide you with some basic guidance on what layouts work best and how to maximise its efficiency. This type of advice is just one reason why experience on the job matters for cool room installation in Sydney, though. What else about 30 years gives us an edge?

We deliver superior cool room installation from Kemps Creek

Both form and function are important, especially for smaller rooms that remain visible to visitors. Such was the case with a recent job we completed featuring a beautiful room for curing and drying meats. Not just functional regarding keeping to the necessary temperature regulations, but its elegant look draws the eye and creates a positive experience for customers. Even in areas away from public view, clean lines and a modern aesthetic make for more functional workspaces.

When we conduct a cool room installation in Kemps Creek, our clients gain valuable insight of how to bring form and function into harmony through contemporary design. The final product is a cool room your staff can enjoy using for many years to come, especially with appropriate maintenance. During installation, we invite you to ask as many questions as you like. Sharing our experience and understanding of these rooms is a part of our passion, and we’re always happy to talk about your plans, and previous similar jobs we’ve done in the past.

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When you choose to undertake a cool room installation in Wetherill Park, choose a provider that understands the challenges that may arise. We’ll manufacture the panels for use in your installation at our own factory — we never use imported panels to create your cool rooms. With quality assured, you can dream big about how you’d like to outfit your location with temperature controlled storage areas. Ready to begin the process, or curious about what a project might cost? Call on 0418 446 225 today for a prompt answer.

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New Wave Panelling also known as NWP is a Sydney based company specializing in the construction of cool rooms, freezer rooms and other controlled environments. Our expertise covers a broad range including Cleanrooms, Food and beverage Industries and Temperature controlled environments.

NWP was established by Ned Lubarda in 1991 under the name New Wave Panelling Ent. Pty. Ltd. We first started out specifically constructing coolrooms & freezers however over the past 20 years we have grown to become a well recognized, trusting and successful name within the industry.

We now use sandwich panel for all its possible uses. Ranging from cool rooms & freezer rooms, pharmaceutical rooms, partition walls, division walls, wine rooms etc.

With over 20 years experience there is no project NWP can’t handle.
We strive to build our reputation on high quality workmanship and attention to detail. For customer satisfaction we provide a complete 7 day a week repairs and maintenance service and full warranty.